Building 600 / 600-658G


Building 600 from the Garage

Rooms 600 - 658
From the Main Entrance Parking  Garage: Find the parking level elevator  and select P3 (Plaza Level).  Exit elevator to the right. Building 300  will be to the left. Continue  past buildings 300 & 400. Take a left  by the fountain (right before  the stairway to the 500 building). Take  the elevator to top floor where  the 600 building is located. Then  continue walking towards the parking  garage and find another elevator  where you will take to the following  rooms:

Rooms 600-620: Located on the 1st floor of 600 building

Rooms 621-640 : Located on the 2nd floor of 600 building

Rooms 641-658: Located on the 3rd floor of 600 building

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